Mistakes can cost you!

Whether you’re a writer wanting an error-free manuscript, a blogger wanting to connect with your readers, a student wanting that A, or a business looking to add potential clients; you can’t afford for mistakes to slip by and hurt your reputation.

Writing your document or online page and then having to go back over it several times, looking for errors can be frustrating and time consuming. Sometimes, your eyes see what you intended to write, rather than what is actually there. A second set of eyes can ferret out formatting errors, grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, saving you time and money (and sanity). I can help you put together a polished documentĀ and deliver it back to you quickly.

I’ve taught English grammar, composition and spelling now for 8 years. No need for you to wish you had paid better attention in school or had more time to go over your document.

Browse my Rates and Services page. Then, use my Contact Me page to get started.



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